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Realtor Information: Flood Insurance

Flood insurance is coverage that is not included in your standard homeowners insurance. Flood insurance covers you for rising water that damages your home as a result of rising bodies of water from lakes, rivers, streams, and oceans. There are two places to get flood insurance: most policies are issued through the federally regulated program known as the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP); coverage can also be obtained from private carriers. FSI works with several private carriers. There are two types of coverages offered under a flood insurance policy. The first is building coverage, which covers your home to a maximum of $250,000. The second is personal property coverage, which covers your home’s contents to a maximum of $100,000 through the NFIP. You can get coverage above these limits, but only through private companies. Lenders require flood insurance coverage on your home if it is located in a high-risk zone known as a Special Flood Hazard Area.

Flood map

To determine what flood zone a property is in:

1. Click on this FEMA link.

2. Enter the property address in the search box at top left corner.

3. Determine if the blue overlay covers or crosses the structure of the home. If the blue overlay touches the home, it is in a flood zone that is likely to be mandated to have flood insurance by a lender.

4. To determine if a home is categorized as a LOMA,

  • click on the layers icon
  • check off NFHL
  • check off LOMAs

A Letter of Map Amendment (LOMA) is a letter of official amendment to an effective map of the National Flood Insurance Program. These properties been inadvertently mapped in the floodplain but is above the base flood elevation. For more information on LOMA

LOMAs will populate as shown:

LOMA flood map

New Flood Maps

Click here for preliminary maps.

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