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Realtor Information: Quick Reference Insurance

Quick Reference Guide to Obtain Home & Flood Insurance

Inspections needed:

Home is 20 years old or older
4 Point Inspection
Home is built in 2001 or earlier
Wind Mitigation
Homes in Flood zones: A, AE, V, VE
Elevation Certificate
  • No longer required on any property but could potentially offer savings.

Concerns To Be Aware Of

  • Heating & A/C:
    • No hazards or deficiencies.
    • No portable heaters or space heaters.
    • Air conditioner’s maximum age should be 20 years old.
  • Roof:
    • Change highlighted to: “Underwriters may allow roof replacements after closing with a roof contract.
    • Roof needs 5 years of life expectancy. No leaks debris allowed on the roof.
    • Trees and brush cannot be in contact with the roof covering.
  • Electrical:
    • No deficiencies or hazards.
    • Aluminum wiring: 110 volts single strand requires remediation.
    • Panels with concerns: Syvania, Zinsco, Federal Pacific, Challenger
  • Plumbing:
    • No leaks or deficiencies.
    • Polybutylene is not accepted by most carriers.

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